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I’m back at last!

First of all, please allow me to apologise profusely for being away for so long. I’m sure that no excuse could make you forgive me, but here are my reasons:

  • Over the exam period, my parents cut my Internet off as the means of making me revise more for my exams. It probably didn’t work…
  • I simply lost interest!!

Lots has changed since I last posted and to be honest, most of the news I had obviously wasn’t important, else I would’ve remembered it! However, I’ll do my best to get you all up to speed on what I know.

The Balcony

To some of you, this news will be totally new. To others, you may have heard of this before. Anyway, currently at home, we are building a rather large and impressive balcony. We are building it entirely ourselves (with help occasionally from John’s work friends). John has planned and designed it on the computer, got a structural engineer friend of his to examine the plans, bought the steel and timber and carried it all down with my, Phil’s and John’s work friends’ help, erected the steel frame mostly himself, put all the joists in himself and has begun to put the decking on himself. Needless to say, it looks amazing and quite miraculously, it all fits together! Still left to go is to finish the decking, build the roof of the covered over area, bring even more wood down the 64 steps to our house and (the big one) carry the 6-seater jacuzzi down and cement it into the balcony!! It’s a massive task and words don’t really do it justice. Check back soon and I’ll be sure to post some photos of the balcony!

The Pets

With my sweet little Guinea Pigs, Bubble and Squeak, long gone, I’ve been wanting a new pet for quite a while. Little did I know that I would actually be getting one! One day quite a while ago, we went shopping down in Malvern Link and mum was in quite a cheery mood. We went into Wilson’s pet shop and I asked if we could get a goldfish. Mum agreed wholeheartedly, but unfortunately the fish were all in quarantine (?!?!). Then I had the idea of asking (yet again) for a hamster and to my complete surprise, I got an instant “yes”! I’ve called him Nibbles and although he’s fairly cute, I’ve already been bitten three times! On a lesser note, a week later we also got a goldfish which my younger brother Adam called “Goldeen”. Once again, stay tuned for pictures!

The Exams

The summer exams are finally finished for just about everyone in Lower Sixth (excluding people doing further maths), else I wouldn’t even be posting this blog entry. I don’t really want to talk much about this, so let’s just say that I don’t think I did terribly well… Also, in case you were wondering, no pictures for this section.

Needless to say, it’s been a very busy time and everyone’s been very busy in the past couple of months. I’ll be sure to keep on posting new blog entries and I won’t forget again or leave things too long! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for pictures!


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AS Level January Results

Just a short quick post to let everyone know what my results for the January AS Level Modules are and what I think about them, so here goes:

English – D

Computing – C

Maths – E

Physics – C

I am quite disappointed with these results and it really makes me wish I had tried a lot harder. I am planning to retake most if not all of these exams as I feel I could have done an awful lot better. In terms of Physics in particular, I am fairly surprised as in that particular case, I was expecting to get less than a C. In Maths and Computing I was expecting to get more…

Oh well…

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My new blog!

Yes, once again I’m trying to keep a blog going for longer than two weeks. At least this time I have something remotely interesting to talk about. Interesting based on your perspective of course…you know…

Anyway, as of late, I have decided that I would like to get a snake. No, not a dangerous (not to mention expensive) python or something like that, just a small, docile, hardy and easy to raise corn snake! It would cost me about £80 to get started so money isn’t an issue. The issue as you might have guessed is: Parents. “No, Absolutely not. NO! I don’t like snakes. It’s my house. No.” is some of the things that mum said when I asked but this is naturally to be expected. However my arguments would be that it would stay in my room, be bought with my hard-earned money and be looked after completely by me. She never even has to look at it if she doesn’t want to. Furthermore I even have an arrangement with a friend who said he will look after the snake while I go to university. I will keep trying anyway and if the worst comes to the worst…well, I’ll tell you what I’ll do later. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the picture of a hatchling corn snake that Worcester Reptiles sent me!

I discovered something crazy last weekend which makes me realise just what a small world (or a small town, at least) that we live in. Basically, recently I swapped shifts at Waitrose from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings to an all day Saturday shift. It’s less hours and it keeps my week free for schoolwork and the like. Anyway, there is another guy I work with who also works Saturdays called Simon. We walk around and talk about video games and stuff. He is the above mentioned friend who offered to look after my snake for me and is also the guy who gave me the whole snake idea in the first place. After work I thought to myself, “Who else do I know who looks after snakes? Oh yeah! Lucy Noble’s (a girl in the same form as me in Year 10 and 11 for those who don’t know) eldest brother! Now what was his name again?” Then I suddenly realised, Simon IS Lucy’s older brother!

January module exams are finally over! Perhaps now my parents will take some of the constant pressure off me for a few months (Yeah right! Pfft!) and give me a break. I had more exams than most. Some people I knew only had one or two and one person in particular had no exams while I had a grand total of 5!! All 4 of my subjects and General Studies. Here are my thoughts:
Maths – Went worse than expected.
English – Went Ok.
Physics – Surprisingly, went better than expected.
Computing – Went fantastically, obviously!
General Studies – Was…very strange.
I CAN wait for the results as I’m dreading having to re-take exams in the summer, heaven forbid. I’ll be sure to publish the results in a future blog, so instead of asking me personally, just check back here!

I’m going to try and publish a new blog entry once every week or so, but we’ll see. Good luck to all those who still have exams!

Carolina Corn Snake Hatchling

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