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Windows Live Stuff

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I just never got round to it. Anyway, here I go.

Just today (well, a few minutes ago actually), I signed into Windows Live Messenger and it said there was a new version available. Naturally, I was interested so I thought, yeah why not. As it was downloading it offered me some ‘other services’ so I ticked the checkboxes. One of them was called ‘Mail’. I already have Windows Mail installed on my Vista laptop, but this was supposedly different. To my astonishment, at long last, it was a mail client which would actually let me download all my e-mails from all my addresses into one place! So now I’m rather happy since I have a client on my computer which displays my POP3 mail, my old Hotmail and even my Google Mail e-mails all in one glossy, shiny inbox! It took a bit of fiddling and getting used to, but either way, if you’ve got Windows Vista (it might work on XP I don’t know) I would heartily recommend this.

Secondly, there is Messenger itself. I can’t really find much different about it except for the fact that it looks prettier and shinier than ever and it also integrates with this Mail client I’ve been describing.

A third piece of software I downloaded (It’s an interesting one!) is called ‘Windows Live Writer’ and in case you couldn’t guess, I’m using it right now! Anyone who writes a blog should get this since as far as I can tell, it’s excellent and it even works with WordPress (obviously).

On other topics, it’s my birthday this month! (16/03) I can’t think of a single thing I want so it doesn’t really matter that much. For my friends in Malvern, I’m thinking of planning a meal at the small Italian restaurant on Church Walk, however since there’s so many of you who I’d like to invite, I’m afraid I’m going to have to pick and choose between you… For my friends in Sutton…well, something in Easter perhaps?

On a final note, I got a bonsai tree! It only cost me £6.99 so it was a steal! Thanks for reading and I’m begging you to leave comments!


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