AS Level January Results

Just a short quick post to let everyone know what my results for the January AS Level Modules are and what I think about them, so here goes:

English – D

Computing – C

Maths – E

Physics – C

I am quite disappointed with these results and it really makes me wish I had tried a lot harder. I am planning to retake most if not all of these exams as I feel I could have done an awful lot better. In terms of Physics in particular, I am fairly surprised as in that particular case, I was expecting to get less than a C. In Maths and Computing I was expecting to get more…

Oh well…


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  1. 1

    Mark said,

    Hi Mat,

    You shouldn’t really be disappointed by those results – they seem really good (well better than mine anyway) however you should grab the experience learnt with both hands and put it to use in the Summer exams.

  2. 2

    Dad said,

    Keep up the good work Matthew. Just a little more application required. Work as hard as you can and don’t let this time slip by. It will be worth it in the end. Dad

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